You are here[newsletter] Cold Case Virtual Season Eight: Weekly Newsletter, July 8th

[newsletter] Cold Case Virtual Season Eight: Weekly Newsletter, July 8th

By Rachel - Posted on 08 July 2010


This is a message from your organizers, Cécile and Rachel.

We're going to be sending out weekly newsletters to all those that signed up. Instructions on getting off this list are at the bottom of this email. We'll also be posting this on the website.

We've had a great response to our callout for people to help out. We've already got people signed up to write episodes, do artwork, beta read, help with music, and help with plotlines.


We've had some great conversations on the forums.

We've been discussing some possible cases and dates. We've also been discussing what could happen to each of the detectives. We've had some good music suggestions.


Post on the forums. Introduce yourself :)

If you've got an idea for an episode, fill in our polls at The polls have been set up so we have a good mix of episodes in terms of the victim, doer, time period, weapon, and motive. You can vote for up to three episodes.

Do you know someone who's a great writer? Encourage them to register @

Spread the word- we want as many people as possible participating!


We aim to have our first episode out by the start of the new television season at the end of September

Our timeline is as follows:


We'll be spending this month recruiting people, discussing possible cases, speculating on possible long reaching story arcs, seeing what ideas people have, and keeping everyone interested.

This is the time to throw any ideas you have into the open- no matter how big or small.

Early August

In early August, we hope to work out who will be writing an episode /episodes .

We will be publishing a list of all the possible cases, the main story arcs and the result of the polls. We will discuss and vote on how many episodes we should have.

Late August

By the end of August, we hope to have worked out which order the episodes will be in, and have a rough idea of what each episode will be about.

This is also when we want to get our beta readers primed and ready.

Art people, this is when we'll call on you to start to make some artwork.

Start of September

Writers, betas and artists will be working on the first couple of episodes

End of September

First episode launched


We want to get a logo for the website. This will be used to link to the website elsewhere. It should have the words Cold Case Virtual Season Eight (or an abbreviation). It should be nice and colorful. It should have either cast members or an image that screams "Cold Case".


At the moment we're calling this Cold Case Virtual Season Eight. Can you think of a better title?? We also need to have a snappy domain name.


Do you have a good knowledge of Philly or of history? We'd love to have a beta reader / fact-checker who can specialize in making sure all our episodes get Philadelphia and the various time periods accurate and authentic.


Cécile and Rachel